2016 Seattle To Portland

July 16, 2016 2016 Seattle To Portland

Team Joy rides again!  This year is the 10th and final STP as our largest supported ride.  There will be others, but this one will be EPIC!  Here are this year's riders.  If you would like to join or support, just contact any team member and ask!  


Team Joy STP 2016



Genevieve Antonetty

Kevin Bachman

Chad Badham

Bill Baptiste

Maria Benson

Emma Bingle

Laura Bingle

Rick Bingle

Amanda Blake

Dan Blake

Mary Bot

Allie Duven

Nicole Ferrer

Gregg Higgins

Elizabeth Iaukea

Jeanne Jones

Phil Journey

Michele Kaup


Tammy Lee

Tom Lee

Becky Morgan

Christian Peich

Matthew Phelps

Joe Phillipy

Carey Ryan

Kathleen SanFilippo

Nancy Schoenbrunner

Julie Schrady

Matt Schrady

Carmen Scroggins

Dennis Scroggins

Nina Scroggins

Chris Spain

Steven Steinhour

Emily Steinke

Monica Stewart


Ashley Travis

Chris Wendling

Alicia Wingate